OWHtv: Episode 48 - DAD!

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Diana  – (March 22, 2012 at 8:24 PM)  

My own dad left my mom when I was only 2, so I did not have a hero in my dad ~ however, my grandpa was my hero. I loved the pictures of him in uniform when he was a young man! And then when I knew him as I was growing up, he would let me comb his beautiful thick white hair; he would take me to Sunday school; he taught me to drive; he was my favorite person... He went to Heaven when I was 17, so he didn't walk me down the aisle at my wedding, but he always is in my heart!

Karen D  – (March 23, 2012 at 5:23 AM)  

This was extremely hard to write as I have just recently lost my dad. My dad ws a story teller and one that comes to mind is the story of him and his siblings all on a Baltimore Street corner and the police arrived. The cop said "where's your parents", so my grandfather came out. He said "what's the problem"? Cop says "you have to remove this GANG from this corner of the property". My grandfather says "where would you like me to send them, sounding dumbfounded"? The cop says "I don't care but they all need to go home". My grandfather is like well do you realize that having 9 children and each one invites 1, 2 or 3 over, yes it may seem like a gang but this is life here in Steinerville. The cop shakes his head in disbelief and just drives off. My grandfather says "I feel sorry for the cop he must only have one child and he only has one friend". My father's brothers and one sister were very close in age born in 1912-1927. My dad was the 3rd youngest and buried each of his siblings inclduing his dad at 16. There are many stories playing in the train yard while not getting caught or walking up hill to school both ways in 10 ft of snow (yeah right dad).

Traci Davis  – (March 23, 2012 at 1:20 PM)  

My dad is the best and I am blessed to still have he and my mom. When we were kids, we moved from sunny Florida to Virginia and then to Tennessee. Since we were born in Florida, we were "beach" kids, not "snow babies". Soon after moving to Nashville there was a snowfall...not much, just enough to excite us. Since there wasn't enough to sled in the traditional fashion, my dad hooked a sled up to the riding lawn mower and pulled us all over neighborhood. We thought it was great! What an awesome dad to do that. That was over 40 years ago but I still remember it and appreciate the things he did for us, now more than then. Great show today Sandy, thanks for the chance to tell our "dad" stories.

Anonymous –   – (March 23, 2012 at 8:14 PM)  

Well I lost my Dad when he was only 38 of heart attack. I was 13 and really was not prepared for such a lost. We were pals and did alot together. We both had hearing problems so spent time together at dr appointments. I think he was a real kid a heart. That is how I remember him a really fun guy. He was handsome and had a gold tooth . Not in front but on the side and I always wanted a gold tooth just like his. Funny what you remember. Always love the show. Learn so much Thank You Charlsie

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