OWHtv: Episode 47

Watch here, or over on YouTube===> http://youtu.be/LDxI9EQIC7E

While simple, a card like this requires nice straight cutting and good adhesive - remember, CAS means there's nowhere to hide mistakes :)

This adds dimension under the tag, and a strip of additional paper at the bottom.

To the previous, add some ribbon, floral stickers from the coordinated set from My Minds Eye, and alter the tag to give it some more detail - shown here, piercing.
Now for those already complaining - I broke a rule on the Stump Sandy card. I did tell you recently that "odd" numbers are typically used in design - and that is most certainly a true rule I generally follow. Except of course for today! (A profound design teacher once told me: after you practice and perfect 'rules', you then qualify to break them!) I did put a fourth pearl on this one, but for a particular reason: it "fit." If the pearls had been smaller and sat up in the corner nicely, then three would have been fine. If they'd been along the bottom, three would have been fine. In this instance, three along the side with space for only one more would have looked....well would have looked like something was missing. Like one fell off. So I kept going and added the fourth. If I weren't doing it upside down, I might have tucked them closer together, thus making three the better number. But alas....when it's upside down, you get what you get! :)

Thanks once again everyone for your faithful viewership! I hope you guys are talking about OWH in the sidebar; I'm able to follow along so little as I do the show. I do hear rumors that some folks aren't chatting any longer because topics are straying from cardmaking, so please be sure to keep to the subject if you can. We want more folks to feel welcome to join in!

Leave a comment on Youtube: How do YOU store ribbon? Are there sites or products that have great ideas? Link up over here====> http://youtu.be/LDxI9EQIC7E

PS Don't forget - that ATG gun is still up for grabs over at my new personal blog - sandyallnock.com!

Anonymous –   – (March 16, 2012 at 8:49 AM)  

Another great show. Thanks for all you do. Pat K.

Unknown  – (March 18, 2012 at 10:12 AM)  

I missed the live show as I was out of town. I stopped by here first and must say I think the 4 pearls look GREAT on the card. Four pearls and 4 sides of the card. Makes sense to me!! Can't wait to see the process in the episode. Heading there now.

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