OWHtv: Episode 27

Too thick - but great for an AnyHero card!

This will be an AnyHero card - since the flower is too thick for the mail.
A few post-production notes about the "strip card" from the Stump Sandy segment:

  1. Clean cuts! Some folks have papercutters that just aren't sharp - this kind of card really needs clean cuts or it will look like a mess.
  2. Layers really will help your design. If all you do is add strips on cardstock, it'll look like you just added scrap junk. Glue the strips onto a base, that onto another, then add your ribbon etc.
  3. They're like CAS cards - supplies must be nice ones. If you simply glue ugly, cheap patterned paper onto cheap cardstock, you'll end up with a card that LOOKS like you used scraps. Make them look intentionally beautiful!
Feel free to throw out scraps that are thin/cheap/ugly, etc - we all have SO much paper, there's no need to have to use every sliver. (We get a lot of awful cards that look like they pulled things out of the recycle bin, yikes!) But if you've got some nice bits left over, make a card out of them!

Kris Whittaker –   – (September 8, 2011 at 8:50 PM)  

A suggestion as you are looking for t-shirts...make sure whoever does them for you does NOT use Gildan brand shirts. I have several of them from various sources, like my LSS and even a work tshirt, and ALL of them have come unstitched in places, especially in the sleeves. They surge them too close. Just a bit of info...hope it helps!

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