OWHtv: Episode 21, Moving to YouTube!

Are you ready for some changes? We've got some show changes that we want to implement - hopefully it will make it all easier in the long run and won't cost us an arm and a leg :0) It was explained in the first (unrecorded) 20 minutes...so here's the scoop for those who weren't there:

In order to remove ads, we had to pay for a subscription. With the popularity of the show, we're getting enough hours of viewership that it'll get really expensive really fast. Even with just the live audience, it'll be pricey, but we're going to invest and try it! However, after each show, we'll export it to YouTube - and that's what you'll see here on the blog. So please be sure to watch reruns from the blog/YT, so it won't cost us money for the uStream viewership. We'll be looking for other less expensive ways to broadcast, as well as sponsors for the show - but so far we just love having the live chat going on and will stay with uStream til we research something new....so stay tuned.
The other announcement that wasn't recorded (sorry!): the CRUISE! We now have a date, ship, ports of call....and the details are hosted on the CRUISE WEBSITE. Please bookmark that site, we won't host the details here on our blog in case we get things wrong - go to the cruise site for the latest details and costs. We plan to have all the supplies donated, so all you have to bring is your personal clothing etc items, and possibly your favorite coloring medium (unless Santa visits us with cases of Copics!). Lots more details will be coming, have no fear.

SIGN UP EARLY! The cruise is open to anyone who goes to the website; if they try signing up for a filled cruise, they'll be offered ours. We'd love our OWH family to get first dibs on the spots before others join in, so don't wait too long to decide! There will be 100 spots open...claim yours today! And stay tuned for more details....we'll share more about the event planning as that gets underway (the cruise site will remain the place for the costs/logistics though...we only cover the FUN bits!)

And without further ado...OWHtv for this week! Stick around til the end and hear the beautiful letter at the end...it's worth the wait!

Paula S.  – (July 29, 2011 at 7:36 AM)  

Anyone else get just audio and no video on this episode here?

Operation Write Home  – (July 29, 2011 at 7:55 AM)  

Check your settings Paula - I get the audio...?

Paula S.  – (July 29, 2011 at 8:29 AM)  

Oddly It's fine over at You Tube channel directly just not from this link here.

Nancy Keller  – (July 29, 2011 at 5:00 PM)  

I am happy about the YouTube change... I don't know if anybody else has experienced this problem but sometimes (and it seems kind of random) I can see the Ustream videos on my iPod or and sometimes I can't because it says that they are only available in flash. Not that I can't hobble to the desk top... But my iPod and I are good friends!!! It goes with me everywhere. YouTube is never a problem so I say... Cool beans. :) so excited about the cruise!!! I've never been on one so it will be a first for me. (crossing fingers!!!)

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