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So much going on, it's hard to know where to start!

First - CHA is coming! W000T! Sandy will be there next week to meet and greet with tons of folks...if you'll be at CHA, be sure to send an email to, so you can meet up while there!

Second - CHRISTMAS is coming! Yes, it's July. We know that. But in OWH-land, all our holidays are mixed up, yknow! We'll be taking part in a huuuuuuge blog event over at Cross My Heart Papercrafts, we'll link you up to the party on Monday. Be sure to go visit everyone taking part - let's show all the participants some OWH love!

Third - if you watched this week's OWHtv, you'll know we have some big things ahead during the holiday season. We looked at the average percentage of growth for the first six months of 2011, vs the first six months of 2010 - average was 183%! Our little graph of numbers looks like this:

So if we continue on only the same rate of growth - the line for 2011 tells us to expect to ship 1,000 boxes of cards during Sept-Nov! So we'll be embarking on a couple little fundraisers in the next couple weeks to get ourselves ready. The first one: these adorable little OWH patches!! You can sew one on a jacket or sweatshirt, or maybe on your craft tote, or a hat - we might even have a photo contest to show off how you sport your patch.

How do you get your very own OWH patch, you ask?
  1. Make an AnyHero card and write a note to a hero in it. 
  2. Inside that card, place a check made out to Operation Write Home for $10 or more for each patch.
  3. If your donation is for more than one, please indicate that clearly. But feel free to donate as much as you want for your patch. Maybe make it equal the price of one of those 1000 boxes!
  4. Send it to your shipper, with PATCH written in nice big letters on the outside. 
  5. You'll receive your patch within 2-4 weeks. Hopefully we'll be quicker, but we only ordered 100 patches; we'll place a new order once we sell the first batch, so it may take a little manufacturing time in between. Be patient with us, we're used to only dealing with cards, not selling goodies!
Stay tuned for some other fundraisers - we'll post them both here on S&S and on the Homefront Blog as they're ready, and will eventually put a page up on our website too. (pant pant pant, only so much can be done in a day!) 

NanaConnie  – (July 16, 2011 at 1:11 PM)  

I love the idea of the patches! I'll definitely be putting checks in my Any Hero cards. Mine is going on my crafter's tote bag where everyone can see it and ask about it!

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