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Sorry about the short message earlier today...I forgot to post about the practice broadcast earlier! We had a nice turnout and had a lot of fun together. We read mail from heroes, shipper Dixie popped in for a phone chat, we shared a sneak peek of the Saturday Seminar coming in late March, read some kids AnyHero mail, and we made two cards!

The one on the left was quite the challenge; random numbers selected which papers would have to be used, then the brainstorm began - the flocked black and white paper didn't go with the blue and brown papers at all (and the brown is a strip of pattern on an otherwise striped paper!). We started with a sketch, #5 - because it at least had small pieces of paper, so we could limit the presence of the papers. Distressing was next - an inkpad and distressing tool made the soft edge around the papers, and tied them together. The card base color was the most controversial, mostly because the camera didn't show true color very well!
The second card was a 10minute card! We want to keep the weekly show fairly short, so we tried to see what could be made in 10 minutes (not including the time to select papers!). Sketch 56 was chosen for these papers, which matched much better than the first set. A border punch added some softness to the bold square shapes, and as the buzzer neared (and I panicked!), the flower stickers were added. With :55 to go, a sticker sentiment was added onto a scrap that was already punched. (Piercing was added after the broadcast, I just couldn't let that go!)

All in all, a pretty successful practice round on ustream! We learned a bunch - including that I need to find a better mic! And that the mailman is really cheery. :)

To join us on March 3 (or any of our other practice sessions before then - watch facebook to find out when those will happen...some will come up quick as I have time!), you only need to log onto ustream to check it out. No mic, no hardware, all you need to do is a quick free registration if you'd like to chat, but you can also just watch what's going on and not interact, too.

*Note: In addition to the regular weekly program, I'm going to find some times to do special sessions on more extended topics like coloring, or particular tutorials. I'll have to figure out a schedule, etc - but stay tuned!

Velda  – (February 19, 2011 at 6:27 PM)  

Fun way to spend an afternoon. Interesting to see how others create and choose colors. Be sure to join the group next time.

Caryl P  – (February 20, 2011 at 8:05 AM)  

Sounds like a fun broadcast, and the cards turned out beautifully. Funny to see my sketch make its 'live' debut!

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