Holiday Vacation Challenge #8: Missing you

The winner of the New Toys challenge wins some new toys: Adele!! Congratulations!

This challenge today is inspired by a hero letter just received yesterday - an excerpt:

‎"Can I talk you into sending me another box please? The I miss you cards, especially those that can go to kids are going fast. Everyone has been writing a card a week to each of their kids and it helps them feel they are a part of the process. I wish I had better words to describe how much we appreciate them." J.T., Afghanistan (full letter here.)
JT is #29 in line on Sandy's contact list - yes, there are 29 regulars waiting for boxes with valentines and a mix in them, and this dear lady is #29 :( Note that there are plenty of valentines here (I can still take more but don't make more valentines from here on - go for other themes!); if it gets down to it, I can send a Flat Rate Envelope to those 29 contacts with valentines at least. But....I need to get full boxes out there! All themes are welcome with all the shippers - but Sandy's the only one still needing lots of birthday too.

Challenge #8: make MISSING YOU cards
They can be for adults or children, and they can say things like I miss you - but please, no more "Wishing you were here" cards. Got enough of those in the hospital waiting for re-sentimenting! :)

This sample card is a special one made with an image colored by our newly-famous Miss Lainey, age 3. It says so on the back of the card, too! It's a fun way to turn kids art into a card - just be sure that you use good cardstock, and embellish and trim everything cleanly. If not, it's way too easy for a card like this to go south and look like a piece of refrigerator art instead of something someone will write home on! **Important: Be sensitive to the sentiments on things like this as well; it's going from an adult to a child, so please don't put "Miss you daddy" on a card with a child's art. Those end up in the hospital too.

The prize, not pictured, will be a stack of designer paper! EK Success donated a huge-amongous stack, and it will be chopped down to cardfront size and shared as prizes over time. Hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to get off the sofa and start chopping paper today at least! -Sandy

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Sherry H  – (December 28, 2010 at 4:17 PM)  

Miss Lainey's coloring is amazing for age 3. I love the blue/black combination and the papers. Adorable!

Samantha  – (December 28, 2010 at 6:20 PM)  

I just showed Lainey your card..she's so excited!! I get what you mean now when you once told me to frame her art =)

Julie  – (December 28, 2010 at 9:06 PM)  

Lainey is a great colorer! The 3 year old in my life will only color eyes, mouths, and tires on vehicles. He's taken to drawing lately, "scary monsters" with lots of eyes and legs. I might save some to make Anyhero Halloween cards :)

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