THANK YOU to everyone who entered the Joanns contest - we made it in the top three! Now for the prize, we're up against two VERY wonderful orgs - the American Cancer Society and Project Linus. Now, while we LOVE other folks who do such great work....we need to win this one for our heroes!

OWH is the "little guy" in the bunch, so we need your help in taking this on. Please vote early, vote often (refresh and vote again!), and get your friends and family to vote! I'll be sending you a weekly reminder/update as the voting wears on - especially if we begin to fall behind!

I recommend you first bookmark the link below on all your computers....when you sit down to check email or post to your blog, vote a couple times! Post a reminder to your facebook, blog, or twitter account every couple days for your friends and family; don't bother people so often that they don't pay attention to you. But INSPIRE them. Post a photo of a hero from our Photobucket album. Republish a favorite hero letter. Tell them why YOU support our heroes - and invite them to do the same with the click of a mouse!

PS Tomorrow is also election day - don't forget to do your duty as a citizen and vote in your local elections! Our nation needs you!

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