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Happy Tuesday of Thanksgiving week! Today I am thankful for our Heroes. I'm thankful for all of you who donate your time and creativity to care for them and their loved ones. I'm thankful that I get to inspire you to do so in at least a small way each week, and this week I'm specially thankful to Ellen (and Esther who helped take photos) for showing us how she made this beautiful birthday flower card.

Materials:Precut cardstock for base or use scallops from tearing tool

Paper: Sunflower, Autumn Terracotta, Topiary from Close to My Heart, printed paper of your choice

Stamps: Happy Birthday from Hero Arts; Flower, leaves and steams from CTMH Spring Stamp Set
Ink pads: CTMH Sunflower, Autumn Terracotta, Topiary

Step 1: Trace precut card shape on to printed paper and cut or use scallop tool to make scallops. Adhere to precut cardstock.

On the larger scrap of cut paper, follow the curve and cut about 1/4" piece and adhere to the printed paper card front.

(Option: use scallops from tearing tool to make both pieces.)

Step 2: Stamp one large flower on Autumn Terracotta paper and cut out.

Stamp one medium flower on Sunflower paper and cut out.

Stamp one small flower on Autumn Terracotta paper and cut out.

Cut flowers using the diagram provided: largest part of each flower has seven petals, medium part of flower has five petals and small part of flower has four petals, slightly curving the bottoms..

Step 3: Cut each of the large, medium and small flowers into three pieces. One piece will have four petals, another piece will have five petals and another piece will have seven petals. Cut the pieces with slightly curving bottoms as pictured.

For the largest flower, use seven-petal large piece of Autumn Terracotta on the bottom, five-petal piece of Sunflower in the middle and four-petal small piece of Autumn Terracotta on the top.

For the middle flower, use five-petal large piece of Sunflower on the bottom, five-petal medium piece of Autumn Terracotta in the middle and four-petal small piece of Sunflower on the top.

For the last flower, use the four-petal large piece of Autumn Terracotta, the four-petal medium piece of Sunflower and the four-petal small piece of Autumn Terracotta.

Step 4: Stamp and cut stems and leaves from Topiary paper. Adhere stems under the raised flowers. Adhere leaves to stems to fill spaces.

Step 5: Cut grass from Topiary paper. I hand cut my grass, see top sample in picture. There is a Cricut die that makes nice grass, see bottom sample. (Plantin Schoolbook-I used 1" size.)

Adhere grass to the bottom of card front, covering the stems.

Punch 1/2" circles out of Topiary paper. Trim edges and bottom to form bottom of flower.

Adhere.Stamp "Happy Birthday or other sentiment in top right corner of card front.

Thanks again to Esther for this beautiful card. I love the idea of cutting up the flowers to make a new look!

Remember, if you would like to offer a Tuesday Tutorial, please email me at kate@operationwritehome.org.

And have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Missy  – (November 25, 2010 at 8:05 AM)  

Hello Ellen and Esther,

Great card, insturctions and pictures. I just will need to look at my flower stamps differently and see what I can come up with.

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