A note about InLinkz

Has everyone been enjoying the challenges so far? Brace yourselves, it's only going to get better the rest of the month! I've had my own little "bloghop" this morning for inspiration.....I've been going through all the entries for the Sept challenges, and WOW, everyone is inspiring me! (Gotta get the laundry done so I can DO something with all that inspiration soon!)

About InLinkz....if y'all can link to the SPECIFIC blog post, instead of the short blog title, that'd be super, and will mean we can all go visit your card a lot faster and easier---and when we draw winners, we'll be able to verify that you actually met the challenge! Here's how you do that:

  1. After publishing your blog post, click on the TITLE of the blog post. (This works with most blog sites.)
  2. The url will change to a longer url - it may look like gibberish, but copy it anyway!
  3. Use InLinkz like normal.
This will mean that folks can go back and view all the entries and see the actual card, rather than losing it because you've posted a lot more on your blog since.

And go check out the cards made so far, WOW! You'll be inspired too!

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