Live chat! 5pmPST / 8pm EST tonight 9/17

The Fiskateers (Fiskars' online community) is getting set for their party tomorrow on their site....and they're starting off with an OWH chat! Crafters from around the world will be there....we're all invited too!

Note that you MAY need to try using a different browser if this url doesn't work; the software is incompatible with a few out there. The chat software is just like the one on AnySoldier, if you've chatted there before you'll be right at home.

If you are a Fiskateer, log in using your first name and Fiskateer number.
If you are NOT a Fiskateer, you'll need to agree to the TOY, then please log in using your first name and OWH after it - that way we'll be able to recognize our 'regulars' when we're talking! (ie KrisOWH or DixieOWH) Note that I'm a Fiskateer, so I'll be Sandy4882.

Logging in will drop you in "the Lobby" - they may chat there, or may have a separate "room" set up for discussing OWH, I'm not yet sure. To get to a new room, click on the thought bubbles icon in the upper right; that will show you a list of rooms. The other icon with the people shows you who's online chatting.

You'll type your text into the box at the bottom; you may want to choose a color or font style for yours so you can keep track of yourself when the window starts moving! :)

See you all there soon! (Attached is a card made to invite the Fiskateers to party with OWH!)

Tami Bayer  – (September 17, 2010 at 4:46 PM)  

Can't wait, it's almost here. We'll be in the main room, Sandy.

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