Birthday Present from Hodge Podge: Free digis!

Today we bring you some more free digis, today from a brand new site...Hodge Podge!

Let's meet our friends at the Hodge Podge Shop:

The Hodge Podge Shop is a new digital image site. Currently we have two artists, with a third to be added soon. We offer a wide range of images.

Michael Oesterreicher, is a photographer. He takes his photos and converts them into images to be used for card making. Some are left in color and others he converts into a pencil sketch so they can be colored. He has anything from nature scenes with squirrels to buildings and barns.

Margaret Oesterreicher, (Mike's mom), is a fantastic artist and has been drawing and painting for most of her life. Her images are hand drawn. Right now we have some awesome Halloween images to choose from. She has been working on adding some terrific animals to her collection.

Here are your free digis:

Hodge Podge has a brand new DT forming...visit their blog for details!
Hodge Podge Shop 

Some folks might be wondering about the flag digi. How would you use it on a card? Here are two examples - as a main image, layered with a sentiment, and as a small focus image with 'regular' card design and embellishments added:
A few notes on using photographs:
Photos are something you *may* use on your cards, with a few caveats...please follow these guidelines:
  1. You must have the rights to use the photo or illustration. That means you took the picture, or you have explicit written permission from the person who did. Please don't violate any copyrights for OWH! Magazine images and photos from storebought cards count as photographs too - if you didn't take the photo, please don't use it. There's a photographer behind that picture who didn't get paid, and we don't want something with OWH on it that violates their rights.
  2. You have to do something else on the card - please don't just print a photo on cardstock. Our heroes don't differentiate between that and a storebought card. They won't use ones that are simply printed on paper. So layer and embellish away!
  3. Be sure the photo paper sticks well to your other paper goods. We get some with gluesticks, and they do not hold permanently on a card. Liquid adhesives also work poorly, as the photo paper buckles. Use tape runners or ATG tape.

Linda  – (September 21, 2010 at 12:00 PM)  


I made this card for the challenge by PCP but i want to show it for you here also.

hugs Linda (DT Hodge Podge)

discount codes  – (September 22, 2010 at 4:17 AM)  

Thumbs up for the image actually. Really like it as well.

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