Important note about CFAC **with update!

Please please be careful in how you enter for the Joann's Crafting for a Cause contest. I have been desperately trying to reach anyone to find out if we need to buy a whole new paper cutter, scissors, glue, and cuttlebug to qualify. Nobody's responding, they're still working out details. Hang onto your submission and be ready - we have a long while to get to submitting - so we are sure that we get this right. No sense in being disqualified if they change the requirements later on. Thanks everyone!

Link to their blog post today

ETA: A response, yay! This will be more official when they get it posted, but this is what they told me:

The goal of the Craft for a Cause is to encourage Jo-Ann customers to make and donate a handmade item to their favorite charity, using products available from Jo-Ann. This does not mean that a receipt is required for every single item used, especially since many crafters may have or keep basic tools and supplies such as hooks, needles, pins, scissors, a sewing machine, etc. on hand. 

The "bulk" of the materials used should come from Jo-Ann with receipt(s) provided showing proof of purchase. For example, if you are crocheting or knitting a chemo cap, you can purchase the yarn but may use a hook or needles you already own to complete the project. You wouldn't be expected to re-purchase every tool solely for this contest.

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