Birthday Bash 2010: Party Planning!

Are you on our mailing list - did you get yesterday's email? We are sooooo excited!

Quick summary of the plans:
  • Cardmaking parties across the nation throughout September! Sign up yours here and get on our calendar on the birthday page. Lots of prizes will be offered for cards sent in by the 30th of Sept from all of these parties, plus every party hostess gets a free OWH red rubber stamp! And guess what? I'll skype in for a hello at your party if we work out the technology! You just need to have Skype (free download here) and a computer with a mic so we can talk - and a camera if you want me to see you too! 
  • Online events - stay tuned as they get announced over the next month; from Flickr to blog challenges to forums, we'll be all over the internet!
  • Card-a-thon! Set a goal for the month, and then log onto Firstgiving to set up your own fundraising page. Invite your friends to sponsor you as you make cards through the month!
Bloggers, go snag a banner for your blog us get the word out! We'd love to fill our calendar with events, and our Firstgiving page with card-a-thon participants!

And if you missed the email yesterday...enjoy our newest video!

Lisa (mldesignworks)  – (August 2, 2010 at 1:43 PM)  

Sandy, this will be so fun! I'm working on a date for a card party for Greta's and Sophie's Girl Scout troop. I will keep you posted. Thank you!! Lisa

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