One week til the hop!

We are SO excited about the Spring Break Hop coming up!!! Haven't signed up yet? Click here to go sign up right now! 

We have 78 blogs signed up so far - 41 are planning on offering blog candy!! Wow!! Lots of tutorials and challenges are going to be posted too. So have your bookmarking finger ready to go—you'll really be wanting to take time to visit every stop on the hop!

For those who are new to bloghops...visitors will all start here on the Stars and Stamps blog. The first stop is here and there will be a link to the next stop. That blog will have a link to the one after that. And so on and so on! We'll also post a list here on this blog, so if you get lost, or you stumble onto a broken link, you can get right back on where you left off.

Bloggers: One instruction that got skipped in the instruction email you received: at the beginning of your post, please link to and tell visitors to come here for the start of the hop, so they can get the 'full experience' for the day!

A few questions that have been asked by bloggers:
  1. "Do we need to give you a link to a specific post, or just the main URL?" For the signup, just the main url of your blog. Once the hop gets going, we'd love everyone to edit their blog post with the specific url for the blog that follows them (will email details on how to do this!), but the start can be just the main URL.
  2. "A little confused re instruction no. 2 but sure you will elaborate?" Step #2 is about editing your blog post after you get the URL. You can create your post anytime beforehand, and schedule it to go live on the morning of March 20th. We need everyone to add a link in their post, at the end of it works best, and put the link in nice big bold letters with something like "the next step on the hop" so everyone finds the link easily. You'll get an email with that link and further instructions.
  3. "Will be gone 3/20 in a.m. but don't think that will matter?" As long as you get your link correct Friday night, no problem! We'll check through the links early in the morning, and we always find some that copied/pasted incorrectly, or find that someone forgot about the hop and posted nothing. We'd like to be able to email the blogger to get changes made, but if you've got places to be, we'll just have everyone come back to the S&S blog to pick back up where they left off.
  4. Are we making a special card? Yes! The instructions are on the bloghop page - a springy thinking of you card. Welcome, spring!
Need convincing?
If you're just not sure you want to join in the hop, read the comments left by those signing up for the hop—we have brand new folks, experienced bloggers, and everything in between!
  • I've participated in mailing cards but not blog hopping.
  • I will pick a random comment to give Blog Candy to.
  • I also plan to make a card for every comment left for me.
  • I'd love to participate and help spread the word about OWH! :)
  • Love that you promote sharing! Just started my blog this past week, and am looking forward! Thanks so much for all you do,
  • I love the hops. Looking forward to this.
  • I really enjoy participating in your hops. I'm going to be offering blog candy and may decide to either do a 1 or challenge on my blog.
  • Can't wait!!
  • Thanks for organizing! It is a ton of work, but worth the effort! Have fun!
  • Can't wait!!! This is gonna be so much fun!!!
  • Can't wait for the hop. I've been wanting to make a new video 1 now that I have HD camera. This is the kick I need to get one made. Can't wait.
  • Thanks for all your hard work!!
  • Can't wait!!
  • Getting back into the blog, but would love to help out!
  • This is my brand new blog - and this blog hop gives me a deadline to get everything behind-the-scenes finished so I can participate!
  • I followed the blog hop last year and was so touched. I'm the mom of a former Marine and I so appreciate the work you do!
  • Do we need to give you a link to a specific post, or just the main URL?
  • I can't wait to participate....sounds like a blast!
  • I might offer blog candy, I will let you know what I decide
  • Looking forward to this event!!
  • I just heard about OWH and cant wait for the hop!
  • Sounds like fun...I like to hop!
  • I just heard about OWH and cant wait for the hop!
  • I had a blast during the Veteran's Day Blog Hop, and very much look forward to hopping along with everyone to welcome spring:o) I have a digi shop and would love to offer blog candy from the shop.
  • Sounds like fun!
  • Can't wait for this! I wil have a challenge for visitors. I'll also offer two blog candies - one for visting and leaving a comment and one challenge winner.
  • Just been blogging for a month, a little confused re instruction no. 2 but sure you will elaborate? Will be gone 3/20 in a.m. but don't think that will matter?
  • Thanks so much!
  • Hi- This sounds like a lot of fun but I am not exactly sure what a blog hop is- can you give me a few more details. are we making a special card? thanks!
  • Thanks for doing all that you do!
  • The last hop was my 1st time on a hop & I've done more since, so I think I finally have it down! Really appreciate what your organization did for my daughter while she was in Iraq!
  • Can't wait!
  • Thank you for this. Just what I need to get back to making OWH cards!
  • I just heard about OWH and cant wait for the hop!
  • Thanks for the opportunity. I can't wait to get involved with your organization.
  • I am so looking forward to my first blog hop. I am sure it will be a wonderful experience. Thanks!!!
  • Your hops are so much fun & I really love reading each hopper's story! OWH rocks!
  • I am new to blogging so I really hope I get all the links and such correct! Looking forward to this!
  • Love your blog hops - thanks for including me! :)
  • Fun!!
  • I LOVE WHAT YOU DO. :-) Thank you! (hugs)
  • I'm also responsible for the crop night at my Michaels store. I am encouraging card donations at my store and my store is paying to send your organization the cards.

What are your thoughts about the hop? Got plans for your post yet? Are you putting off any other things to do so you can hop along with us?

Louise Fox  – (March 13, 2010 at 12:35 PM)  

I have my husband, Chuck, all lined up to cook for the day and I am ready to go. Louise

Darlene  – (March 13, 2010 at 4:21 PM)  

I just finished my card today for the hop. I'm doing my video tomorrow and editing Monday. I'm looking forward to hopping all day on the 20th!

Cheryl  – (March 17, 2010 at 8:07 AM)  

What is blog candy? Is this some sort of thing u give away?

Operation Write Home  – (March 17, 2010 at 8:46 AM)  

Yep Cheryl - I think crafters adopted it coz we work so hard at our craft we need sustenance instead of "prizes"!

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