Featured Friday: A little something different

Oh what a thrill of a hopping week it's been around here! Coming down off the high of the bloghop has been a challenge....but the Facebook chatter is keeping the energy alive! Many thanks to all of you who blogged, all who hopped, and a special shout-out to our hero who made the fantastic MRE card! What a delightful surprise that was!!

This week's "Featured Cardmaker" is a feature on a bunch of our cardmakers! But first, a few housekeeping updates.... 

If you're unable to locate your blog candy winner, first try posting on Facebook - lots of bloggers have found their peeps there! You can also email us and we'll help as best we can---you'd be surprised how much we know about finding the OWH family online!
  1. Please change your links to the "longer" link - go to the blog following yours, and click on the title of the bloghop post. The url should switch to a much longer one; if you change to that one, then our hoppers can continue hopping indefinitely!
  2. THANK YOU for participating - mark your calendar for our Memorial Day Hop to come!
Hoppers keep hopping
  1. If you hopped over the weekend and are wondering if you won a prize, check our Facebook wall. Lots of bloggers are posting winners there!
  2. The prizes may be closed on most if not all blogs, but the creativity is there anyway! Feel free to continue leaving warm fuzzies....heck, you could even spend time on their other posts and leave more comments. We all love feedback!
  3. If the "next stop" link takes you to the top of a blog instead of the hop post, you might scroll down a little to find the March 20 post - or come back to the SandS Bloghop start post and use those links. Most of them are fixed by now.

Featured Cardmakers: Tutorials and challenges
Thanks to Kajikit who started us off with her "Taking up the Gauntlet" post - here's a list of the challenges and tutorials highlighted during the hop, in case you wanted to go back and look without having to hop through all 94 blogs (though every last one is well worth checking out again!). If we've missed your tutorial here, please email to let us know, and we'll add you:
Featured Heroes: photos posted during the hop

Featured Awards: The Craftys
And now for another little bit of fun...imagine what if there were an awards ceremony for crafters? Kind of like the Emmys or the Grammys, but maybe it would be dubbed The Craftys!! After this weekend let's just daydream a little. Who among our fantastic bloggers from the hop would you nominate for...
  • Best kleenex alert
  • Best tutorial
  • Best use of supplies
  • Most unique card
  • Springiest
  • Most likely to be CASEd
What other awards would you give out if you were on The Craftys Committee? Let's have a little fun with this!

*frog image by National Geographic

PCM  – (March 26, 2010 at 8:07 AM)  

'The Crafty's' - What a grand idea! How fun - will have to think on this one -
How about:
Best Coloring
Most Embellished
Most unique sentiment

That's all I can think of for now! :)

Tina - Ball Team Co-Captain  – (March 31, 2010 at 9:22 AM)  

Also: Best use of chalk; best use of ribbon; best monochromatic; best engineered (like pop ups, folds)

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