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Our first S&S blog banners are ready to go! You're welcome to post any of them on your blog, and help promote OWH.

 (ETA 6/2/10: We had a goofup  in Photobucket, so if your blog linked to these previously, you may need to go grab the new code. SORRY!)

How do you become a "blog circle member," you ask? If you have a blog, and you plan to participate in our challenges and fun here on Stars & Stamps, just send an email and we'll add you! You'll see by our list that we've been adding more blogs—they're sorted by latest post.

If you don't have a blog but will still be playing along, you can add our banners to your sig file on a messageboard if you'd like. We'll be creating some avatars for Facebook too, so stay tuned.

These new banners have been added to our Photobucket account here.

A few notes: 
  • If using the S&S banners, link them to this blog, 
  • If using generic OWH banners (also on the Photobucket page), link to
  • If you choose an ANIMATED (blinking) banner, you cannot download it to your desktop and simply add it in your sidebar; it won't animate that way. For some reason it has to be linked to the hosted Photobucket original, using the "direct link" code. (See instructions below.)  
Instructions for adding a banner on Blogger blogs:
  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and Select LAYOUT
  2. Choose PAGE ELEMENTS and then select ADD A GADGET.
  3. From the choices pick PICTURE.
  4. TITLE and CAPTION are optional, but you'll want to put in the LINK box. 
  5. In the "FROM THE WEB" box, add the code for the banner of your choice from that banner's "Direct link" box on Photobucket.
  6. Click SAVE. You can drag the boxes around to re-order your banners as you wish.
If someone would be willing to write up instructions for Wordpress or other blog software, we'll post them here too!

Kajikit  – (February 2, 2010 at 2:26 PM)  

Cute banners! I wrestled one of them into place in my blog... for some reason I can't link or upload straight from photobucket, and if I use 'add html' it just links to photobucket instead of letting me link to where I want to go. (sighs) But I got there in the end.

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